... Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson ...

I remember turning on my television after starting my coffee that morning,
and the first thing I saw was a tall building with smoke coming out of it.
I thought...how odd it was for some disaster movie to be playing that time of the day.
It took a few minutes for me to realize it wasn't a movie.  I looked out the window
towards the downtown Minneapolis skyline and felt relief at not seeing any smoke.  
That relief was short-lived as I listened to the television and reality began to sink in.
I never did get to my coffee that morning.

I went upstairs to my friend's apartment, and we sat together watching it all unfold.
Even now, 5 years later, it seems unreal, and yet I know it is...horribly real.
I cried many tears that day and on days afterwards, as we all did.  I met people
in the years that followed that were there or knew someone who was there.

I work with a woman who lived 3 miles from the Pentagon at the time, and as she
spoke about it yesterday while we worked, her eyes filled with tears.  
Her husband would have been at the Pentagon that day on a construction assignment
had they not had personal business to take care of.  It's very possible he would not
be here with her and their family today had he been at work.
I met a man who was a block away on his way to a meeting in Tower 1 when the first plane hit.
Had he not been caught in heavy traffic on his way into the city, I would never have met him.
His eyes betrayed a grief that he will carry with him the rest of his life, and I will never
forget the way he looked and sounded as he spoke about the friends and co-workers he lost that day.

All of us were touched in some way by those horrific events.  We all carry mental images of the things
we saw & heard that day.  Life goes on, but for those impacted the most by the events
of September 11, 2001, it will never be the same, and none of us will ever forget.

I've included some links here to several sites that I'm aware of that pay tribute in some way
to those lost and those left behind that day.  I hope you will visit them, and I hope that
in some way today each of us will take time to remember and to say a prayer. 

Please remember also to say a prayer for and a "thank you" to the men & women serving in Iraq
and everywhere who daily put their own lives on the line to defend and protect us & our freedom.
May God watch over them and protect them.     

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